K-12 Schools

Public Schools

Harris County has over 20 school districts that span across the county. Each of these districts strives to provide a world-class education for every child and many have been recognized for the outstanding education they offer their students.

Many of our school districts have award-winning programs, successful athletic teams, and career and technical education options that help students make successful transitions into their futures. Every school district within Harris County takes pride in helping students, being actively engaged with their communities, and hiring the best teachers.

Private Schools

There are more then 300 private schools located in Harris County, these private schools serve over 70,000 students. These schools pride themselves with a focus not only on the child, but on their families and communities. In addition to academics, many private schools also have a strong emphasis on social development, art, ethical behavior, and athletics.

Private schools throughout Harris County seek to develop students in preparation for a lifetime of personal fulfillment and contribution to society. They are dedicated to giving the best education possible to your children.

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