Harris County’s Tax Abatement Program

Texas legislation (Tax Code Chapter 312) allows local jurisdictions to offer incentives to attract new industries and to encourage the retention and development of existing businesses through property tax exemptions or reductions. Harris County’s Tax Abatement Program promotes new growth, new wealth, new jobs, new opportunities, and environmental sustainability.

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Basic Qualifications:

  1. Increase tax roll value of new real property by at least $1M
  2. Create at least 25 new full-time permanent positions at the project site
  3. Be competitively sited where senior management is actively evaluating jurisdictions, in addition to Harris County and, but for tax abatement, the project would not be constructed in Harris County

Current eligibility requirements are detailed in the approved Guidelines & Criteria for Granting Tax Abatement in a Reinvestment Zone Created in Harris County (Tax Abatement Guidelines).

Interested parties may apply by filling out and submitting a complete Tax Abatement Application and reviewing the Checklist.

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