Foreign Trade Zone

The Foreign Trade Zone Act of 1934, and as subsequently amended was enacted to “expedite and encourage” international trade.

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Port Authority

The Office of Economic Development works closely with the Port of Houston Authority, which is the grantee administering the Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 84, to facilitate the process for interested parties to obtain the requisite Letters of Non-Objection to Designation and/or Activation of a Foreign-Trade Zone Site from Harris County, Harris County Flood Control District, and Harris County Hospital District.

FTZ Application

Interested applicants please follow the instructions to fill out completely the Payment in Lieu of Taxes Agreement and required Exhibits and submit a complete application package together with the signed and notarized affidavit by mail or hand deliver to:

  • Foreign Trade Zone Administrator
    Port of Houston Authority
    P.O. Box 2562
    Houston, TX 77252-2562
    Phone: (713) 670-2487

Partial applications will not be processed until a complete application package is received.

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